The True Value of a Coach

Dave Jackson
3 min readJan 18, 2024

In 2024, I made a conscious decision to elevate my YouTube presence, and my journey led me to discover the powerful tool, Ecamm Live. This versatile tool became my go-to for Live streams, YouTube videos, and content creation for the School of Podcasting — a game-changer. (I talk about this on episode 914 of my podcast)

When You Add More to the Workflow You Add To the Learning Curve

Recognizing the potential for even more excitement, I decided to integrate a Streamdeck into my setup. One night, fueled by creativity, I stayed up playing with it like a child with a new toy until 2 AM. I was exploring the Streamdeck, mapping out new activities for each button. The thrill was contagious! Weeeee!

However, transitioning to using these new tools in live settings posed a challenge. As they say, “The good ones make it look easy,” but facing 32 buttons and limitless options was a different ball game. I was coming off a little clunky. I had two choices:

A) Stick to relentless practice.

or, to speed up the learning,

B) Seek guidance from a coach.

Enter the Take One Academy (affiliated with Alec Johnson). While I initially invested in the courses, the true value revealed itself during a pivotal moment.