Spotify Removing 100+Episodes of Joe Rogan Podcast. Are You Next?

Dave Jackson
6 min readFeb 6, 2022

I keep hearing how Joe Rogan is “Dangerous.” Do you know what is dangerous?

  1. The US Government is handcuffed in removing a product that was killing babies.

The only place I heard about this was on a podcast that documents all of their sources and welcomes and challenges to their integrity. It is more interested in the truth than ratings (and is listener-supported — no ads).

  1. 841,000 people have been killed by Oxycontin since 1996 and yet that drug is still available. What is scary is NOBODY is talking about this except the series Dopesick on Hulu

If you haven’t watched dopesick on Hulu, you need to now. You really should watch it. There are “not so nice” people doing “not so nice” things.

Rich white men are making bad decisions with no consequences in the name of profit. We are too obsessed with “who are you wearing tonight?” to pay attention to the important things like thousands of people overdosing.

These are dangerous things that nobody is talking about (and should be — but hey, big pharma is our sponsor sooooo…..)

Are You Sick of Talking About Joe Rogan? I Sure Am.