Is Social Media REALLY That Bad for Boosting Your Podcast?

Dave Jackson
1 min readFeb 6, 2024

On a recent episode of the School of Podcasting, I delved into what podcasters plan to abandon and adopt in their podcasting endeavors. One response stood out prominently under the “not doing anymore” category:

Social Media.

It appears that many podcasters harbor unrealistic hopes concerning social media. The challenge lies in capturing the attention of those scrolling past your content. A compelling headline is essential to incite clicks; “Episode 16” simply doesn’t cut it.

Consider your next social media post as an opportunity to equip your followers (who are already aware of your podcast) with promotional material to share with THEIR followers.

The growth of your podcast hinges on reaching individuals who aren’t yet tuned in but would benefit from doing so. By providing your followers with content to repost to THEIR followers, you amplify this effort. Will it result in thousands of new listeners? Unlikely. However, it may contribute to a modest uptick with just a few seconds of effort and some strategic thinking.

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