Guest Appearance VS Solo Podcast

Dave Jackson
3 min readNov 15, 2023

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I saw this in a Facebook group.

“Hi, should podcasters prioritize guest appearances on other shows or focus on improving their own content for growth?

And my answer is both.

If we think about this, let’s say I really do my research and I figure out what shows to go on that really have the audience I’m trying to attract. That’s a great strategy.

But if I put all my effort into that, and I do this great appearance as a guest on someone’s show, and their audience comes over to my show and the information is somewhat boring…. yeah, that won’t work.

And consequently. If I spend all my time making sure my show is amazing, but I don’t promote it, that will grow slowly as well.

And I always say the equation for podcast growth is value in the episode multiplied by smart Promotion. To put it into a mathematical format:

Value X Smart Promotion = Downloads

And you might say, well, what is smart promotion? That’s going to where your audience is—and then letting them know about your podcast.

It’s not going to do much good to promote the Death Metal podcast in the knitting group. Now, there may be the occasional knitter who likes death metal, but I’m going to go out on a limb and go, maybe not all of them...

And you go, great, Dave, what is value then? And for me, value starts where all things begin with podcasting:

Who is this podcast for? And I’ll give you an example.

If you say, you know what, Dave? You’re right. I was going to do it for everyone. Now, I’m going to do a podcast just for widows. Okay. But you still have to realize there’s a big difference between Jill, who lost her husband at the age of 38 in a car accident, and Mildred, who lost Harold at the age of 97, to this thing called natural causes.

Because if you start to do an episode that’s with, “Hey ladies, let’s talk about getting back out into the field!”

I’m not sure Mildred’s down with that.

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